Happy Children Kindergarten


Our Location

We are a new English daycare in Helsinki, Ruskeasuo, ideally situated in the city with the vast central park (Keskuspuisto) as our “backyard”. Supporting HCK’s concept of nurturing children to have a healthy lifestyle and to discover the wonder of Finnish nature in all seasons.

Our Facilities

We have our own fully equipped playground exclusively for our daily use as well as an indoor gym.
At HCK we are committed to cultivating a well-balanced learning environment. Inculcating in all children a passion for learning and creative thinking.
Our Kindergarten spaces are planned with comfort, interest, safety and creativity in mind. The warm and homely setting with many different playing and learning areas where children enjoy exploring. We truly believed in Learning by Playing. We observe and follow Covid safety protocols for Daycare as mandated by City of Helsinki.

Our Educators

We are a small private daycare. HCK dedicated educators ensure that your child’s individual needs are met and early learning goals determined as early as possible. English is the language of communication in our kindergarten. Attending the kindergarten does not require your child to have any prior knowledge of English language.
Our enthusiastic and qualified educators are native English speakers or fluent in the language. We also have bilingual educators who speak Finnish and English to assist children when needed.
Through the process of familiarisation, we seek to ensure that each child feels that they are in safe, familiar surroundings and amongst people who genuinely care.


Our mission is for your children to grow into happy well-balanced individuals enriched with life skills to thrive in everyday environment and surrounding. We attach great value to the enhancement of their social skills, self development and the motivation for learning in all areas.

We strive to offer high quality early education and a safe facility with tender loving care ‘TLC’ ❤.

We put great importance in providing an international and multi cultural setting by respecting traditions and common values.

We are committed to guide our young ones towards acting ethically, sustainably, showing respect for others and being responsible members of the community.

Your child is unique and deserves high quality care and education. They have the right to play and have fun while caring for one another and the environment.


To achieve our goal, we implement creative, interesting, fun filled daily activities and festivals for your children to enjoy. Playing, learning and enriching their interaction skills with other children is part of everyday life in HCK in order to develop their emotional skills and thinking.

Our international setting offer opportunity to learn different cultures where your children can participate in special events and celebrations throughout the year.

English is the medium of instruction in HCK. However, if your children is not a speaker of English language yet, we use ‘soft landing’ approach where both English and Finnish language will be used to ensure your children settle in comfortably.

We organise regular trip to parks, nature walks and places of interest. Together we look at how we can recycle and help take care of our own environment.

Children are treated with respect and guided towards the importance of well being and good social skills. We focus on your children’s individual needs and goals. Our well planned curriculum consisted of singing, dancing, gym, reading, role play, concert, indoor and outdoor activities, celebrations, baking, handicrafts etc. In our experience, singing nursery rhymes is a very effective way to learn English.
HCK has zero tolerance on bullying. We encourage your children to learn through role play, participate in group discussion and develop empathy. We emphasize the importance of friendship and treating each other with respect.
We adhere to City of Helsinki curriculum for early childhood education and care.
(Helsingin varhaiskasvatussuunnitelma).



Your child safety and wellbeing is our top priority. We ensure effective communication with parents. Parents are updated with their child’s daytime activities (ie. nap time, eating, playing). In addition, photos of special moments are sent to parents. We regularly post authorised pictures of kindergarten activities and trips that parents can access and view via our website and blog. Families have an active role in children’s learning experience. They are encouraged to share their ideas and experiences of their children’s learning.

In accordance with Helsinki City Early Childhood Education we carry out VASU (Varhaiskasvatuksen Suunnitelma) Personal Development and Planning with parents. In VASU parents and teachers hold discussion and give feedback regarding their child development and that learning goals are met.

We practice ‘open door’ policy where parents are welcome to contact us anytime for discussion.
It is our pleasure and privilege to take care of your children and accompany them as they embark upon their learning journey. Together we are committed to promoting the health, growth and learning progress of your children.