Happy Children Kindergarten

About Us

We are a small private daycare for children age 1 to 6 years old. Ideally located in central Helsinki surrounded by central park (Keskuspuisto) where we can enjoy Finnish nature and forest in all seasons.

Our international environment offers your child a creative and diverse learning settings.
We follow the Finnish Early Childhood Education curriculum which greatly emphasises learning through playing.

English is our language of communication. However, your child does not need to have prior English knowledge to join us.
We ensure that each child feels safe in familiar surroundings with staff who genuinely care.
Happy Children Kindergarten has zero tolerance on bullying.
We emphasise the importance of friendship and treating each other with respect.

Aims and Approach

Our focus is for your children to grow into happy, happy, physically, mentally, healthy and well balanced individuals enriched with life skills to thrive in everyday environment and surrounding.

We attach great value to social skills, self development, independence and motivation for learning in all areas STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math). Learning skills are enhanced through participation and interaction.

We implement indoor and outdoor creative, interesting, fun filled daily activities for your children to enjoy their time in Kindergarten. We organise regular trip to parks, nature walks and places of interest. Together we look at how we can recycle and help to take care of our own environment. 

Your child is unique and deserves high quality care and education. Our dedicated educators ensure that your child’s individual needs are met and learning goals determined as early as possible with the Early childhood education and care plan (VASU – varhaiskasvatussuunitelma ).

Our facilities

Main Room

Our newly renovated interior is spacious, big windows for natural lights and high ceiling with excellent ventilation

Book Centre

Activity spaces are planned with comfort, interest, safety and creativity in mind, with many different playing and learning areas where children enjoy exploring.


Private playground exclusively for our daily use.


Colourful and well-equipped indoor gym.

Resting Room

Sleeping room to rest and relax comfortably


Climbing frames and more play and learn stations.


“Happy Children offers the best care and education one can hope for their little ones! Children's needs and interests are taken into consideration in all the activities, education and care. Adults shows individual attention for the kids and our child gets all the support and love she needs during the day. Big hearted staff is really kind, professional and experienced. As a family we feel that the communication with the teachers is easy and atmosphere is very warm and welcoming. The premises are safe, clean and planned for kids with lots of activities and toys for all the children. I highly recommend to anyone who wants to offer good early childhood education and care for their children!.”
“I really recommend English speaking Happy Children Kindergarten. Staff is very professional and caring. Space is perfect and child centred. I love the way how Happy Children Kindergarten focuses on children. Please spread the word of this place. Kindergarten is in Ruskeasuo with good public transportation connections.”
“This daycare is amazing place! Very clean with great staff and very welcoming. My son have been going here for 3 months and I couldn’t ask for a better daycare. Please keep on the great job that you do Helen and Cayla.”
“Happy Children Kindergarten is a much needed addition to Helsinki international and multicultural kindergarten services. What makes the HCK stand out, are not only its spacious, safe, new and fun indoor premises, or its beautiful outdoor private playground surrounded by the Central Park, not even that fact that HCK care is based on Finnish early childhood curriculum and pedagogy and HCK is recognized by the City of Helsinki. As a mother of a multicultural and Finnish family in Helsinki myself, I am impressed that HCK is a fulfillment of a dream and of years of hard work by its founder Helen Chung Setälä - herself a dedicated mother and educator. Children will flourish with her and her qualified, supporting and loving staff.”
“My girl is the new kid here, however she intergrated to kids group so quickly, she feels happy everyday. As parent, I like the new indoor and outdoor facilities/toys ,and clean & tidy kis-dinner room/toilet. Personal hygiene is quite important for small children in kindergarten. The teachers there are all friendly and kindly / free talk communications with parents frequently in order to know what my child do there everyday. Good location / quite/ safe place and a brand new individual playground-yard, also near to the city forest.”