Happy Children Kindergarten

Your child's first step into Kindergarten

Starting kindergarten is a new and exciting event for the child and the family. It is a major step for your children where they have reached a milestone in their young lives. It is normal to feel nervous and excited. Our introduction offers you and your child practical steps to ensure a smooth transition period.

Our staff are multilingual with knowledge both English and Finnish. Attending the kindergarten does not require your child to have any prior knowledge of English or Finnish. Our pedagogy method includes picture cards and body language. Your child will feel safe and secure.

We use ‘soft landing’ approach with lots of smile and hugs to ensure your child settles in comfortably.

Read more about Benefits Of Multilingualism.

Through our process of familiarisation, our group teacher has a discussion with the parents. You can share with us your child’s personality and traits in addition to your expectations and hopes for daycare.

During familiarisation, you can be with your child and join our daily activities. This will provide you with an opportunity to experience your child’s day
at our kindergarten.

Gradually together we prolong the time your child spend at the daycare. This period usually lasts for a week, but it can be shorter or longer, depending on how soon your child adapts.

We will go through our schedule, meal times and types of clothing your child will need.

With our experienced, bilingual, caring and nurturing staff, you will have peace of mind that your child is in safe surrounding and enjoys kindergarten life.

We are committed to guide our young ones towards acting ethically, sustainably, showing respect for others and being responsible members of the community.

They have the right to play and have fun while caring for one another and the environment.

Parents as partners

Your child’s safety and wellbeing is our top priority. We ensure effective communication with parents. Parents are updated with their child’s daytime activities (ie. nap time, eating, playing). In addition, photos of special moments are sent to parents. We regularly post authorised pictures of kindergarten activities and trips that parents can access and view via our website and blog.

Families have an active role in children’s learning experience. They are encouraged to share their ideas and experiences of their children’s learning.

In accordance with Helsinki City Early Childhood Education, we carry out VASU (Varhaiskasvatussuunnitelma) personal development and plan with parents. In this plan, parents and teachers hold discussion and give feedback regarding their child development and that learning goals are met.


It is important that parents and teachers trust and respect each other. We work best when we work together for the benefit of your child. All personal information and discussion are kept private and confidential.

It is our pleasure and privilege to take care of your children and accompany them as they enjoy their childhood full of fun and happiness. Together we are committed to promoting the health, growth and learning progress of your children.

Daily structure

We are open from Monday to Friday 0730 to 1700. Our well planned curriculum and daily schedule consisted of singing, dancing, gym, yoga, reading, role play, concert, indoor and outdoor activities, celebrations, baking, handicrafts etc.

It is important for your children to have consistency in order to feel secure and know what to expect. We follow our schedule while keeping in mind the importance of flexibility when needed and openness to embrace changes if necessary.

In our experience, working with children is to observe and adapt to the situation they are in. If your children are greatly enjoying and are deeply engaged in a certain activity, perhaps we can skip the next planned activity and continue with what we are presently doing. Therefore, schedule may change if our educators see the greater benefit it creates.

We offer healthy meals throughout the day consisting of breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack. Our warm lunch is catered from a trusted daycare food company Arkea Oy. Breakfast and snack are prepared in-house. We also cater for vegetarian and special diet requirements.