Happy Children Kindergarten


SATURDAY 12.6. at 9.30 – 15.00 , Tenholantie 10, 00280 Helsinki

(We have indoor and outdoor areas)


Helen Chung Setälä

Managing Director and Educator

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Hospitality Management, London, UK 

Practical Nurse (Varhaiskasvatuksen lastenhoitaja), Suomen Diakoniaopisto.

Helen is a resident of Helsinki for over twenty years. She has many years of work experience in both private and City of Helsinki daycares.

Helen is in charge of HCK’s administration. She is more than happy to answer any queries you may have.

Cayla Heidmann

Head of Pedagogy and Key Educator

Bachelor of Social Services in Early Childhood Education (Varhaiskasvatuksen opettaja), Helsinki Metropolia University.

In addition she is a qualified School counselor (Koulunkäynniohjaaja). Cayla has been living permanently in Finland for over ten years.

She has worked in daycares as well as schools in Helsinki and Espoo areas.

Cayla oversees HCK’s curriculum and organises creative fun filled activities for HCK children.

job vacancy

If you have a genuine passion in working with children, please send an Open Application to us!

We look forward to your contribution in our growing company.